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​Be at the Center of Creativity Continuing Studies at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) provides the highest quality educational opportunities in art and design through courses tailored exclusively for adults, including teachers, high school students in grades nine through 12, middle school students ages 10–13, and children ages four to nine.Our goal is to nurture and support life-long learning and the development of creative thought and practice in students of all ages.Not all art owned by museums, like the Art Institute’s Assyrian relief, can be marveled by visitors. A whopping 90 percent of art, such as paintings and sculptures, is displayed by the museum at all times according to Baldwin.Delicate pieces sensitive to light and deterioration, such as prints, etchings and watercolors, are conserved in storage.

The Art Institute proposed that the city build a permanent building on the lakefront for the fair and give the new building to the Institute afterwards.

Developed from a partnership dating to 2004, the Northwestern University/Art Institute of Chicago Center for Scientific Studies in the Arts (NU-ACCESS) is a new collaborative endeavor in conservation science that pursues objects-based and objects-inspired scientific research.

NU-ACCESS requests proposals for joint research projects, conducted by scientific staff of the NU-ACCESS in collaboration with Northwestern faculty and AIC staff.

Visual arts of Chicago refers to paintings, prints, illustrations, textile art, sculpture, ceramics and other visual artworks produced in Chicago or by people with a connection to Chicago.

Since World War II, Chicago visual art has had a strong individualistic streak, little influenced by outside fashions.


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