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When she was 17 years old she moved all on her own ​from Sweden to London to dedicate her life to her music and since then she has started her own record label Broken Glass Records, released 5 EPs 1 full length, had her single ’I Will Lead You Home’ reaching #2 on the Swedish i Tunes-chart and has been played on major radio stations, resulting in an exploding online fanbase with over 29,500 followers on her online sites like twitter and tumblr. You can check out Charlotte’s website – her on Facebook HERE Follow her on Twitter HERE Follow her on Tumblr HERE Also, all of Charlotte’s music is available HERE on i TUNES.

L​ast year she independently published her first book called “Empty Roads & Broken Bottles; in search for The Great Perhaps”, which is about her journey as an independent artist and the year she spent homeless on the road in England, with nothing but her guitar and a dream to reach out with her art.​ That is one of those stories that you think that you will only see in a movie but this girl did it in real life. I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to chat with her on this thing we call music. Purchase the song “The Fall” that was featured on the episode HERE.

Welcome to Naked Society, come watch the hottest Charlotte girls get naked on their webcams right before your eyes. (Episode 2 | Series 3) Lots of exciting stuff going on in my world – more guests coming on the show. My guest for Episode 17 is the oh-so awesome and truly talented, CHARLOTTE ERIKSSON. I am very excited about the guest for this episode. Last week, I got an email from this episode’s guest and she was so delightful and had so many great things to say when I asked her how she found the show and why does she have interest in being on the show.The glow you are seeing on the camera is invisible to the naked eye.The eagles do not see any light and remain undisturbed.Pursuant to state and federal law it is illegal to "take, feed, disturb, possess, sell, purchase or barter, or attempt to engage in any such conduct, any bald eagle or parts thereof, or their nests or eggs.


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