Dean geyer dating jillian murray

Dean was reportedly planning a proposal in Australia, but Jillian supposedly couldn’t make it out there this year.

Kitty Wilde) got hitched to her man, Zach Martin, another star from the dramedy is ready to walk down the aisle. But forget Rachel Berry — Dean found a future wife in actress Jillian Murray.

On Thursday, the actress wrote, “So my resting bitch face must be contagious …

seriously though, why do we always look so mad when we are out? ”" data-reactid="31"“Such a blessing to have this beautiful specimen by my side #peoplesonestowatch,” he wrote.

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Ziemlich verkrampft, weil dachte, dean geyer dating history ich situation auch schon und hoffe du hattest einen.

The People reports that the proposal had a kind of twist.Bringing awareness and support for the victims of human trafficking.Big thanks to @olivertrevena for the invite, what a great cause.People couldn’t stop talking about Dean Geyer Jillian Murray engaged.It seems that Geyer had the sweetest proposal ever.The Despite failed plans, the 30-year-old actor and singer was able to pull it off.


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