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I also called support they had no solution for the problem. This thing is so froze, all it does is let me see the screen where she does her finger pattern password. After using your Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch for some time, you may want to change the look of your watch in order to make it a bit more interesting for you to use. (after doing this you will see 0.00kb under each app) (all apps from desktop will be gone, don't worry they are still installed) 3. Unless you guys can provide me any other solutions. Tried every thing but still black screen...respond, like i can hear the apps when i randomly click the screen and other things also tried that hold 10 sec thing .

I've tried nearly every trick I could find online and from friends to possibly clear this or get BIOS up. Haven't installed any updates in about a week - nothing externally is connected such as SD card/USB/HDMI/DVD. Ay tips on what could get it at least past the start up screen or into BIOS? I'm assuming I'll need to take my keyboard off to access the HDD too.

In the upper-right hand corner where the "Unlock Online Items" button is currently, a button that linked to the "Parents" page could be found.However some situations may arise in which you fill find that the phone is completely frozen and the touchscreen becomes unresponsive and the Galaxy S7 isn't restarting itself besides having the safety feature.Then in this situation manual override comes in to play in which you will restart the Galaxy S7 on your own, however this is not Hard Reset which is done only when the phone doesn't perform well even after restart and fixing everything. I've never had this problem since i purchased this tablet 9 months ago. now i have the tablet connected to the charger but even the battery charging status is not showing. If this is still the case tom i will bring the unit to the store for repairs. I held the power button down for 10 seconds like you said and it powered up. I had the tablet cnnected to charger while using it then all of a sudden the screen went all black, keys at the bottom are still lighting up but non responsive. so I held the Power Vol down button for almost a minute, then the tblet completely turned off. i am going to try to select the "smart stay" check box...screen stays on as long as you are looking at it... You should be aware that Hard Reset is only done to reset the phone to factory settings and is only done to reverse any software problems, cache problems, full storage problems and partition problems.


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