Iphon sex

For this analysis of 30-year-olds with smartphones suggested that women with i Phones had an average of 12.3 sexual partners (I am sure the 0.3 knows exactly who he is), while their age-equivalents who had opted to put an Android into their purse scored a mere 6.1.

(It was 8.8 for the Black Berry owners, but some might feel these more businessy types would most likely be having sex while still on their Black Berrys, so that hardly counts.) For men, the disparity was only slightly more narrow, which perhaps merely reflected a proportionate reduction in the width of their minds.

Avocado is the ultimate pocket-size planner for couples - basically a Whats App for just two, with calendar, notes and reminders as additions.

Never again fear you've sent a sexy shot to you grandma, or any other unwanted relatives.

Forget Old Spice deodorant–the best way to get laid is to tote around an i Phone, especially if you happen to be female.

And while i Phone users are screwing like rabbits, Blackberry and Android users appear to be relatively chaste.

The top graph features data exclusively for 30 year-olds, while the second graph covers a wide variety of ages.The result: i Phone users have more sex than Blackberry users, who in turn get it on more than Android owners.Female i Phone users are the big winners, with an average of 12.3 sexual partners.And don’t even think of snapping yourself on a Motorola phone.The bottom line: the more you shell out on your gadgets, the more bounteous your rewards. Complete Christian-approved assignments and liaise with other members of the program to share experiences. The great thing is that there's no way your sex-buddy will know what you swiped right for if it isn't a match.


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