What episode do joey and rachel start dating

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At first you sympathize with it because you feel bad, but then it just gets annoying and you kind of want to kick it in the face.

When Joey is secretly in love with Rachel, he holds it in out of respect for Ross.

She would also be exempt from having to explain to the state of New York (and her child) how she had previously been married to Ross thanks to a drunken night in Vegas (though Ross tried to stay married and keep it a secret from Rachel — again, sad), but then they had a baby together, which again we can attribute to “one drunken night,” then later thought, “JAY KAY YOU GUYS!

In an episode of How I Met Your Mother, How I Met Your Mother: Return of the Shirt (2005), Anne Dudek plays Natalie, a girlfriend of Ted who also split up with her on her birthday.

See more » Charlie mentions seeing a documentary about hotel bedspreads and infra red light.


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