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The long years of discos, pub quizzes and guitar bands were punctuated with brief dabblings in the music business.

He managed a band called Suede for a bit (walking away shortly before they were signed), promoted a Queen tribute band and generally bothered music industry types with his unfocused ambitions.

Although Ricky wasn't hired to be a broadcaster, he quite fancied giving it a go and a nightly program was slotted into the schedule ready for the station's proper launch on 1 September 1997 (not the best choice of dates as it turned out).

Five nights a week plus the day-job is clearly too much for anyone to manage. Obviously you need at least one other person involved to share the burden.

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It kept Ohno off of the streets, and he proved to be a very athletically capable young man.

His parents divorced when he was very young, and so he was raised in Seattle by his father for the majority of his life.

Apolo’s father had to work very hard to ensure that his son grew up in a good home, and his work hours were often long.

The controversy resulted in many Korean speed skating fans having a lot of animosity toward Ohno because it was his Korean opponent who suffered as a result of the call.

He has continued to perform very well in both subsequent Olympic Games since his debut, and also continues to do great work as a philanthropist and public figure.


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    He is author of three books, Not by Sight, Things Not Seen, and Don’t Follow Your Heart. And God’s invitation to you to enjoy intimate fellowship with him is that thing that is putting your faith to the test more than anything else (James 1:2–4).